Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 6/24/22

Happy Friday, my friends! What a week it’s been, though I feel like I’m saying that every week lately. We had a four day workweek due to an observed day off in honor of Juneteenth on Monday (Juneteenth itself was Sunday, June 19th). For a four day workweek, this one felt incredibly long, and I am arriving at the end of the week thoroughly exhausted and overwhelmed at a weekend full of plans.

That time of the month is approaching for me, something that now only happens every three months due to the treatment plan for my chronic pain disorder. With great PMS comes great pain flare-ability, and I’ve been remembering what it’s like to live life with constant pain. I’m grateful this only comes around once every three months now, but boy does it sure pack a punch.

In spite of being busy, it’s been a pretty good week in terms of sticking to my self-care routines and rituals, which I’m proud of.

The Week in Joyful Movement

I’m flowing through the final week of the Rituals program from Bad Yogi, and I’m a little bit sad to see it end. These yoga sessions have been challenging in the best way, and I feel stronger and more grounded for them. It hasn’t gone perfectly, but it’s been a pretty easy program to incorporate into my daily life.

Yoga with Azula

When one program ends, I slot in a new one, so this week also brings the start of Kick It By Eliza‘s summer program, Take 20: Happy Girl Summer. This series includes two 20-minute kickboxing/dance inspired workouts per week. I absolutely loved the Take 20 summer program from last year, so I was thrilled to see this one come back.

So far, I’m two classes in and really enjoying the program. It incorporates resistance bands, which means it’s inherently a bit lower impact (less jumping around when a resistance band is around your thighs, apparently).

Kickboxing and moving with music are two of my favorite ways to work out, so this program is a perfect fit.

The Rest of the Week

On Wednesday, I took a big rest day from movement because I was experiencing a high pain day. Rest is important and often undervalued in our wellness routines, so I’m giving myself all the props for doing what I needed to do to take care of myself.

This week has been a bit go-go-go in the evenings with social plans (a solstice dinner with my in-laws) and errands (picking up a birthday cake and gift card for a colleague). I’ve still been getting in my line-a-day and gratitude journaling, which is frankly astonishing, since I often drop these habits when I’m tired at bedtime and just want to go to sleep.

The busy weeks are the hardest–and most important–weeks to keep on a solid routine, at least in my opinion. How was your week? I’d love to hear about what you did to take care of yourself this week, whether it was a busy one or a bit of a break for you.