Adventures in Self Care: 5 Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

Hi, all!

I’d love to have a running update for you, but unfortunately the bad knee is kneeing it up, so I’m currently mixing lower-impact cardio into my routine with lots of yoga and stretches while I rehab it. So, this week I’m bringing you an update on some of the things I’m enjoying lately for self-care.

These are in no particular order and with no affiliate links–just some stuff I like that you might enjoy, too!

1) Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

I’ve been curious about Lush’s shampoo bars for a while but given that my hair is limp and unenthusiastic at best, I’m always nervous about switching it up. But when I happened to find myself in Lush and running low on my Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo at the same time, I decided to give it a go.

I am LOVING this shampoo. It smells fantastic and it gives my hair, dare I say it, some shine. And maybe volume, but let’s face it, that’s a pipe dream with these limp locks (thanks, Dad).

2) This amazing new blazer from Nordstrom

As I wrote about last week, I’m trying to get a handle on the whole professional wardrobe situation. Enter: my first actual blazer.

I love the pattern on this and am really enjoying layering it over different shirts to create professional-looking ensembles. My mom bought this for me while she was visiting from Cincinnati. Thanks, mom!

3) Kickboxing with PopSugar Fitness

One of my go-to places for free fitness videos on YouTube is PopSugar, so when I was looking for something to do that would be gentler on my knees than running, I searched up low impact kickboxing and found a few great videos from PopSugar. I adore kickboxing because it makes me feel powerful, and I’ve missed doing it as so much of my fitness routine has been running-centric lately.

What I particularly like about the PopSugar videos is how they always remember to show modifications for those of us who need to avoid hopping around at the moment. Here are two of my favorites:

30 Minute Cardio Kickboxing with Eliza from Kick-It By Eliza

30 Minute Kickboxing with Equinox’s The Cut 

4) The great lipstick adventure of 2020

My “holy shit I’m going to be 28” fashion crisis rolls on with me trying various shades of lipstick in an effort to up my makeup routine and add a pop of color to my face.

I genuinely can’t tell if a shade looks good or not. To me, they all kind of feel like I’m a kid playing with their mom’s makeup. But, I’m having fun with it.

5) My new Rothy’s 

I know, I know. It seems like everyone is going on and on about Rothy’s and they are, in my personal shoe-buying opinion, ridiculously expensive. But when someone posted a discount link in the Forever35 podcast group and I saw the newest color was mint green, I just couldn’t resist.

They are every bit as comfortable and amazing as everyone says. Sorry, not sorry. I am obsessed. If you, too, want to save $25 on a pair of these bad boys I will give you this referral link they emailed me.

(Full disclosure: while not technically an affiliate link this will earn me a discount on the second pair of Rothy’s I’m totally not already planning to buy, should you choose to purchase through this link.)

All right, that’s the list of things I’ve been enjoying this week. I’d love to hear in the comments if you have any products, videos, techniques, etc, that have been upping your self-care game recently. Until next time, my friends.

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