Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 6/10/22

Happiest of Fridays, my friends! It has been a truly hectic week at work, and I’m emotionally still waiting for that summer feeling that doesn’t feel like it’s going to come with all that I have to do to prep for welcoming our incoming students in fall.

Walking Wednesday this week wound up being my dog walk with Azula in the evening because I worked through lunch with a somewhat urgent project that popped up unexpectedly this week. Things have been full speed ahead but I’m happy to say I’ve stuck with my self-care rituals and routines, so I’m feeling okay! Let’s dig in to what went well this week.

The Week in Joyful Movement

After a week off due to my stomach issues, I’m back on the Bad Yogi rituals train this week! It feels good to be flowing through yoga again and the practices continue to kick my butt.

I’m in Week 6 of the program, so there’s just two weeks left! I can hardly beleive it, but the timing is perfect because Kick It! has been teasing a new program and I’ll be starting my half marathon training later this month.

I’ve also been getting in my regular dog walks with Azula, which has been nice, particuarly as we’ve had some good cool mornings this week to berak up the heat.

The Rest of the Week

I lived a childhood dream on Tuesday and got a purple streak put in my hair! Still feeling incredibly pleased with it.

We also used our dehydrator to create some dried fruit this week, and while there’s a bit of tweaking to do, it turned out pretty darn good. I’m excited to use this to hopefully reduce our food waste a bit, since I seem inapable of eating fresh frut before it goes bad.

My morning reading routine has been on point, and I’ve tweaked some of my skincare in line with the book I’m reading, Radical Radiance. I think I’m seeing results, or at least feeling good about my skin, which is a big win since I’ve been struggling with redness and fine lines making me feel less confident than I once did.

That’s my week of self-care. How was your week? I’d love to hear how you’ve been taking care of yourself lately.

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