On the Run

Fall 2022 Half Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of half marathon training begins with heavy rain, wind, and lightning. Nevertheless, the training must go on. Within reason, of course.


  • Today’s Run: 40 Minutes, Conversational Pace
  • Weather: Thunderstorms, 79 degrees at time of (indoor) run
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 72
  • Sleep: 6 hours, 25 minutes

How it went: I’ll admit, I was not thrilled to see lightning when I got up this morning. While I am thankful we have a treadmill, the setup is not the most inspirational, tucked down in the basement between storage boxes. There’s not a lot of airflow and, right now, there’s a ton of garlic curing down there which doesn’t improve the musty smell. I almost never last the full duration of a planned run when I’m down there, but today, I went in with a helpful strategy known as chunking.

In other words, I told myself I’d go for 20 minutes and see how I felt. Then at 20, I challenged myself to run for just 10 more minutes to make it 30. At that point, 10 more minutes to get to the full 40 didn’t seem so bad. The blank white wall with our internet router and chords hanging from it isn’t my favorite running view, but I feel pretty impressed that I was able to stick it out and find joy in belting out some songs while I ran.


  • Today’s Workout: Rest Day!
  • Weather: Sunny, 63 degrees
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 55
  • Sleep: 5 hours, 59 minutes

How It Went: Had some blood work to get done today, and I had to fast for 12 hours beforehand. I don’t do well on no breakfast, so I never work out fasted. I opted to shift this week’s schedule so I could have a rest day today before and after have blood drawn. I was cranky all morning, but I’ve got my food and coffee now so I’m feeling better!


  • Today’s Workout: Quality Work (Warmup + Intervals at Threshold Pace)
  • Weather: Rainy, 68 degrees at time of run
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 87
  • Sleep: 6 hours

How It Went: Surprisingly, this run was one of the good ones! I didn’t expect it to be, since I didn’t sleep very well and my calf has been feeling tight. Yet I got out there anyway and, surprisingly, kind of crushed it. This is partly because of the heat finally breaking, bringing my paces closer to what I’m used to, but not what VDot expected given that I ran my 5K Time Trial in crushing heat.

When your run is also a wet t-shirt contest


Today’s Workout: Kick-It: Take 20, Full Body
Weather: Cloudy, 73 degrees
Fitbit Readiness Score: 62
Sleep: 7 hours, 14 minutes

How It Went: After skipping Kick-It on Thursday due to my blood work, I was super excited to get back to it today. I just love the format of these workouts, divided into different rounds and set to the beat of music. This one was a little longer than 20 minutes and it definitely had me drenched in sweat by the end.


Today’s Workout: Kick-It: Take 20, Full Body
Weather: Cloudy, 63 degrees
Fitbit Readiness Score: 69
Sleep: 6 hours, 51 minutes

How it Went: Overall, another fun workout! I’m always amazed at how sweaty I can get in just 20 minutes. My knee felt very tender in the kneeling postures today, which I’ll be keeping an eye on. My left knee is sensitive, in part due to an alignment issue caused by my foot, which turns in slightly. It acts up any time I build mileage too quickly, which I suspect is the issue here. I’ll be taking it easy, doing extra intentional stretching, and wearing my knee brace more often for the next couple of days.


Today’s Workout: Yoga in the park
Weather: Sunny, 73 degrees at time of workout
Fitbit Readiness Score: 73
Sleep: 7 hours, 30 minutes

How It Went: The flow itself was a challenge, given that my muscles are sore from the massage I got yesterday. It was also hard to hear the instructor over the sound of the trains passing by, but such goes yoga in the park. The space was so green and vibrant that even when I wasn’t sure what was supposed to be happening, I found it incredibly relaxing.

Yoga in the park vibes


Today’s Workout: Greenhouse Winery 5K
Weather: 64, partially cloudy
Fitbit Readiness Score: 92
Sleep: 6 hours, 52 minutes

How it Went: The course desscription for this 5K said it was “mostly flat” and that was a massive lie. So, the race was a bit more challenging than I expected it to be. Still, I made decent time and enjoyed a complimentary mimosa afterwards, so not too bad for a Sunday morning. My knee held up well, though my calves are still super tight. Plenty of stretching in my future.

Post-race sweaty selfie

In all, Week 2 of half marathon training went pretty well! It’s still early days and I’m planning to take next week easy to keep an eye on my knee and make sure I don’t create an overuse injury.

68 Days, 12 hours, 13 minutes until the Queen Bee Half Marathon!

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