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Tarot Tuesday 9/19/2022: Balancing Action & Preparation with the Two of Wands

Happy Tuesday, my friends! This past weekend, I went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival with my husband and a few friends. There are always a few tarot readers on offer at the Faire, and those tarot readers usually offer up little one-card readings where you select a random envelope containing a tarot card for a few dollars.

I can never even remotely resist grabbing one of these. They make nice souvenirs from the festival. This year, the card I received was the Two of Wands. This particular reader didn’t offer any commentary on the card, so I was left to reflect on it on my own.

Though this message was intended for me, I can’t help but feel called to choose the card for this week’s Tarot Tuesday reflection after spending so much time with it in my pocket on Sunday.

Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Wands

In the minor arcana, the twos are all about balance, about taking the fresh start from the Aces and beginning to put it into action. Or at least, beginning to think about how you might put it into action.

The wands are the cards of doing, of creating things. With the two of wands, you stand with two staffs at the ready, planning your next move rather than taking it. You are weighing your options, trying to decide between two paths or potential futures. It isn’t indecision, necessarily, but the recognition that planning is sometimes necessary before you leap–something the Fool learns the hard way throughout his journey.

Journal Questions for the Two of Wands

  1. Where in your life might you be weighing your options before you act? Do you have the information you need to make this decision?
  2. Are you someone who prepares before making a change, or do you tend to leap before you look? How has this played out for you in the past?
  3. What is it that you want to create in this life? Are you making it, or do you spend your time thinking about making the thing without taking the step into actually making it?

Final Thoughts & Personal Reflection

When I saw this card, I had to laugh. The wands and the twos have been stalking me for some time as I try to balance working my day job with writing online, on this blog and others. I am creating and I am working and I am wondering whether I can hold both of these wands in hand for the longterm.

The minor arcana are the “small energy” cards, but that doesn’t make them insignificant. Much of our lives are built in the small moments that lead up to the pivotal ones. To me, this card is a reminder that we have to strike a balance between thinking and doing. Both are important, but you do need both, because neither works that well without the other.


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