Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 11/18/2022

Happy friday! This week has been a busy one and it’s flashed by in a blur. My husband had a business trip at the start of the week, so I was solo dog momming for a few days.

I also ended up heading to the doctor to check in on my increased/long lasting IBS symptoms. We’re doing some tests, which is reassuring, but it doesn’t seem super likely we’ll accomplish much besides ruling out what ifs.

Nevertheless, I remain in a decent mood even as the snow begins and brings with it the inability to pretend it isn’t winter yet. Let’s check in about what I’ve done to take care of myself this week.

The Week in Joyful Movement

My daily yoga streak continues! I’ve been a bit lower with steps this week since there have been a few days with ice and snow on the sidewalks, but Azula does demand I get out there at least once a day.

The Rest of the Week

Honestly a pretty exhausting week. I did enjoy driving out to pick my husband up from work with Azula, then grabbing food to take home on our way back.

I’ve been playing around on a few other social media platforms with all the talk of Twitter going under, and that’s honestly been pretty fun, as well.

A short and sweet gratitude check in from me this week! What did you do to find joy this week?


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