Reflections & Intentions

A Writer’s Journal: Thursday, January 26th

This morning was less quiet than the previous two days, thanks to my husband returning home from his business trip. We slipped back into our usual routine, me getting up at 5am to enjoy some quiet time with the dog, him getting up at 6:30 to begin our day.

Morning reading with Azula

I did my morning yoga (day 25 of the 30-day yoga journey with Adriene), then we took Azula for a walk. It’s cold today, with a brisk wind that flew in our faces as we walked swiftly to make quick work of the walk.

The abandoned church lot we walk on has seen some activity in the last few weeks, and things keep on getting stranger. Last night, we discovered several statues of what I assume must be saints, lined up on the sidewalk. Azula didn’t appreciate the way they looked human but didn’t smell like people. She barked at them again this morning as we went by. The lights inside were on, and an RV was parked out front again.

After the walk, I grudgingly went on my morning run on the treadmil. Boring as it is down there, I just can’t bring myself to run in the cold this year. I’m jealous of the friend I’ll be running the half marathon with, since she lives in Virginia and I always picture her running outside on warm, sunny days.

I’m enjoying the routine of writing these little logs as I settle into my writing workday. It gets the gears moving, so to speak. As I write, I can hear Andy in the next room on a Zoom call. Azula is napping on the bed with him like it’s a normal day, still a bit confused about why I’m still around when I used to leave every weekday morning.

Anyway, it’s on to the work of figuring out how to make this work sustainable. Until next time.


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