About Me

Welcome to Running Into Joy! This blog is all about my personal journey of running into joy wherever I can, in the hopes you can relate and maybe find some good ideas, too.

(Photo by Sunshine Studio)
My name is Amanda Kay Oaks. I’m a writer, student affairs professional, and educator living in Pittsburgh, PA with my fiancé, Andy, and my Blue Heeler pup, Azula.
As you can probably tell from my content, I love all things yoga, baking, running, and am also a huge nerd at heart. Talk to me for too long and I will almost undoubtedly quote The Glass Cannon Podcast at you in a weird voice and pretend that’s a normal thing people do. I’m also an ambassador for Nuun Hydration, because I am a little bit obsessed with their products.
I started this project as a way to keep myself writing regularly post MFA, and to connect with other folks just trying to figure their way through this thing called life.
Current project: Training for my second half-marathon!
(Photo by Sunshine Studio)
You can follow me on Instagram @i_write_things and the blog on Twitter at @runningintojoy1. Find more of my work at my personal website.
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