Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 1/27/2023

Happiest of Fridays, my friends! This week has been quite unusual as I adapt to my “new normal” of being at home most of the time. There’s been a good bit of snow and plenty of cuddles with Azula, both of which I’m happy about when I’ve got nowhere to go.

I’ve been enjoying writing little daily journal-style blog posts in the impromptu “writer’s journal” series here. Today, though, I thought I’d do another Feel Good Friday to focus on what’s been bringing me joy this week.

The Week in Joyful Movement

Today was Day 26 of this year’s 30 days of yoga with Adriene. The theme is “Center” and I have been enjoying a lot of the individual practices. For me this year, it’s not really feeling like a big cohesive experience as I’ve felt in past years, but I think it’s just so familiar for me to do yoga every day in January that it’s lost a little of the magic. A little, but not all of it.

I’m also half marathon training again, which has been interesting with all the snow and colder temps. I’ve done quite a few treadmill runs, which are not my favorite way to get the miles in. Nevertheless, it feels good to be back to a regular routine of running.

Today, my virtual running club, Fandom Running Club, is starting a new virutal racing event. For a month, teams will try to get as many miles as possible. This format is a bit different from past races, and I’m excited to see how it pans out.

The Rest of the Week

I’ve been working on updating my resume and my writer website, as well as just getting into the groove of writing every day. Focusing on writing every day has been wonderful, although I must admit it’s also scary given that I’m not making much in the way of money from my work just yet.

Nevertheless, sitting down at my desk with my laptop and writing has brought me so very much joy. Being able to take my lunch break to cook for myself and read my book is also amazing. In general, the quiet and steady vibe of my new routine is bringing me a good bit of joy this week.

Another small piece of joy is that my replacement joycons for the Nintendo Switch finally arrived! I delayed purchasing them because I was appaled by how much they cost, but in the end I knew I wanted to be able to play Stardew Valley from the comfort of the couch again. The new ones are neon pink and green, since those colors were less expensive than the original blue and red models, for some reason.

That’s it for me this week! What has brought you joy, big or small, this past week?