Feel Good Fridays

The Complexities of Chronic Pain (Or, My Brief Appearance on an NPR Podcast!)

Happy Friday! In lieu of my usual Feel Good Friday content, I’m writing today with some pretty cool personal news–I’m on an NPR podcast!

I’ve been sitting on this news awhile because I tend not to trust things until I know they exist, but now that the episode is out into the world, I can finally share that I sat down with a podcast producer for The Pulse last month to talk about my experience with chronic pain (specifically, occipital neuralgia, which I developed in late 2018 and have been living with ever since).

They reached out after coming across an essay called “I Feel Like a Chronic Pain Imposter–Then, The Next Flare Hits” which was in Invisible Illness on Medium last year, and it’s one of the coolest things that’s come about as a result of my writing (thus far).

I’m a brief soundbite at the start of the episode “Changing the Way We Think About Chronic Pain,” which explores the complexities of living with chronic pain and the challenges of treating it. It’s definitely worth a listen (and not just because you’re curious what my voice sounds like, internet friends). There’s some good information about why chronic pain is so difficult to treat and how impactful it can be on the lives of those of us who live with it.