Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 1/6/2023

Happy Friday, my friends! It’s the first Friday of 2023 and in the spirit of trying to blog more consistently here at Running Into Joy, I’m trying to get back to Feel Good Fridays. These posts are basically a gratitude journal in blog form, as well as an invitation for you to reflect on where you’ve run into joy during your week.

The Week in Joyful Movement

I am once again joining the Yoga with Adriene community to take part in 30 days of yoga for January. The theme for this year is “Center.” We’re on day 5, and so far it’s been both wonderful and challenging. I did yoga pretty consistently throughout November and December, but I gravitated towards familiar, slower paced practices. My arms and my core are both sore already, in a good way.

I try to take photo for Instagram every day of the challenge, as well, to document the journey. Azula usually features, as well as my yoga mat and a few “yoga hair, don’t care” photos as well.

View on my mat for Day 2 (featuring Azula’s D20 treat hogger)

I’ll be training for another half marathon starting next week (the Pittsburgh Marathon this year), so right now I’m just trying to up my walks again and get my body ready for the transition back to running after a pause.

The Rest of the Week

Work Life: We’re now in the countdown to my last day at my current job, so the workweek feels a little weird as I prep to hand off my responsibilities to their temporary caretakers until my replacement is hired. It’s a good weird, though, with lots of well wishes.

Gaming: I’m back into my Skyrim habit, largely because one of my joycons broke and they’re absurdly expensive to replace. I’m talking at least $45-60 here, which feels outrageous considering the thing just stopped working randomly one day. That means I’m not playing Stardew Valley, which I prefer to do on the small screen for the cozy vibes. I have a standard bluetooth controller that I use for Skyrim, so that was excuse enough to get back into the game. I finished the main quest for the first time, defeating Alduin and saving the world. Pretty exciting to finally see that storyline through!

Food: My husband and I also started keeping a food journal, where we’re logging the new recipes we try this year with some notes on how we liked them and any recommendations for modifying them if we make them again in the future. That’s been a fun practice and will likely be really useful as I plan out our meals this year.

One of our new recipes for the year, vegetable curry from the Oh She Glows cookbook

General Self-Care: I am fully on my new year, new planner(s) game. This year, I am using a bookish planner to track my reading, a tarot planner for my daily tarot card pulls, and of course my Passion Planner for day-to-day life. I love the fresh planner feeling, so starting all these new ones has me excited about the potential of the new year.

I think that about covers it for the week! What brought you joy in the first week of 2023?

(Full disclosure: This post uses select affiliate links from Amazon. I’m also a Passion Planner ambassador and use an affiliate link for mentions of my planner. I never promote products I don’t actually use and love).