Reflections & Intentions

A Writer’s Journal: Wednesday, January 25th

Last night was a weird one. My husband was out of town on a business trip, and our dog heard something in the backyard right as we were settling in for bed. Both of us are always a little on edge when he’s away, and it took me a while to fall asleep. As sometimes happens when she goes to bed scared, Azula got sick in the middle of the night. She’s fine now, thankfully, but it wasn’t a very restful night.

I had to get up early to bake the sourdough loaf I started yesterday, so it didn’t go for too long in the fridge before baking. At 4:30am, I rose before the sun and let Azula out before getting the bread shaped up and ready for its final proof.

I was tired, but I couldn’t go back to sleep just yet until the bread was baked. It’s times like these I question why I consider this a fun hobby. But I did enjoy it, all the same.

Azula and I had a nice nap once the bread was baked, but it got my morning schedule all out of whack. I got a bit of work done, writing some articles and applying for a couple of writing gigs. Then, I settled in to watch a few episodes of Only Murders in the Building before it was time to drive to the airport to retrieve my husband.

Tonight, I’ll make dinner and read my book and a bit and hope for a restful night of sleep now that Andy is back in the house.