On the Run

Half Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

We’re in the double digits now, and the half-marathon weekend is just a few weeks away! Do I feel ready? Not really, but, I’m going to give these last few weeks of training my all. I didn’t feel ready for my first half, either, so I’m not surprised to be anxious about the looming race date.


  • Today’s Workout: Morning yoga
  • Readiness Score: 58
  • Sleep: 6 hours, 15 minutes

How it went: Still pretty sore from my long run, so a quick little morning practice to wake up was exactly what I needed.


  • Today’s Workout: Yoga in the studio
  • Readiness Score: 84
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 22 minutes

How it went: My colleague belongs to the same yoga studio that I’ve started going to, so we decided to hit up a class together after work. I haven’t been to this location since I lived near work, and it was really nice to walk down memory lane. This class was a super fast-paced flow with some unique transitions, which made it hard to follow along. But, I felt that perfect blend of challenged and relaxed at the end, so I’ll say it was a success!


  • Today’s Workout: Rest day
  • Readiness Score: 70
  • Sleep: 5 hours, 15 minutes

How it went: Originally, I was supposed to run today. But I slept poorly and woke up with a headache (not surprising in the pain flare times). Since yesterday’s yoga was pretty tough, I am going to take it easy today and reschedule my run for Thursday. That should work out well since I’m running a 10K race on Sunday. This morning, couch cuddles and a nice walk with Azula are in order, along with plenty of water.


  • Today’s Workout: Speed work
  • Weather: Low 60s, rainy
  • Readiness Score: 90
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 3 minutes

How it went: The sky’s back to being dark when I start my runs, and I pulled on my trusty NoxGear vest with enthusiasm. Then, I did as any clumsy woman who hasn’t run in the dark in several months is wont to do. I was busy enjoying the feel of the light rain on my face and didn’t realize I’d come up to one of the places where the sidewalk just sort of… isn’t there. Cue me falling down while thinking “Oh shit oh shit oh shit” the whole way to the sidewalk.

After realizing nothing was too terribly broken, I hobbled home to inspect the damage before deciding whether or not to continue my run. I landed on the knee that’s always in a brace when I run, and it was just bruised and lightly scraped. I decided (with the encouragement of my husband, who’s seen many of my falls over the years) to continue my run. It went as well as speed work after a disagreement with gravity can go, and I’m glad I got back out there.


  • Today’s Workout: Rest day
  • Readiness Score: 64
  • Sleep: 8 hours

How it went: My knee felt surprisingly okay when I woke up, but between that and having the day off, I did not feel like doing anything other than taking Azula for her walk. This week hasn’t been the best training week, which isn’t surprising given my low energy around pain flares.


  • Today’s Workout: Yoga for runners
  • Readiness Score: 90
  • Sleep: 6 hours, 39 minutes

How it went: I’ve got a race tomorrow, so I’m not doing the usual Saturday long run. Instead, we took Azula to the dog park and went to pick up our bibs for the race. I’ll be doing plenty of hydrating and some nice, runner’s yoga in the evening to get myself as ready as I can be for the Great Race 10K tomorrow.


  • Today’s Workout: Great Race 10K
  • Readiness Score: 91
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 17 minutes (6 hours, 23 minutes pre-race)

How it went: I’ll do a full race recap later this week, but it was pretty okay all things considered! My knee held up fine after my tumble on Thursday, and my hip didn’t bother me too much. It’s a little bananas to imagine I’m going to be doubling that distance at my half marathon in 12 days (!!!), but given the pace I maintained I know I can go a lot slower and still finish ahead of the time limit if I need to.