Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 11/4/2022

Hello from the other side (ish) of my unannounced hiatus from this blog! I didn’t explicitly intend to take time away in October, but it was a very busy month for me between personal life and doing Blogtober over at my book blog, Your Book Friend.

In October, my best friend, who lives in Virginia, got married! This included two travel weekends between the bachelorette and the wedding itself. I also traveled to Cincinnati for my half marathon (yay). So, not a lot of time at the weeekends to recharge, let alone write blog posts.

I’m not promising I’m fully back into writing content just yet, as it’s still quite a hectic time at work. However, it’s November, which means that gratitude is the topic on everyone’s mind. So, how could I possibly miss out on the chance to reflect on what’s been good from the previous week?

I was also inspired by this month’s reflection topic in the Passion Planner ambassador community, which is, of course, all about gratitude. I keep a log of daily gratitudes in my Passion Planner, which sometimes helps me remember what to write about when I do a Feel Good Friday post. Of course one of the things that stops happening when I get busy is consistent planner usage (whoops).

This past week has been all about settling back in and trying to re-establish some routines that fell by the wayside in my busy month. Let’s take a look at how the week went.

The Week in Joyful Movement

Azula likes to beg for attention while I’m on the mat

October was not the most consistent month in terms of moving. I kept up the twice-daily walks, of course, because Azula won’t have it any other way. But my mornings were spent with writing posts for Blogtober, which means not much else was happening.

This month I’ve set the goal of following the Yoga with Adriene monthly calendar for November to help get back in the habit of doing some movement to start my day. It’s been lovely to get back on the mat consistently, and I already feel a bit more calm. As always, a good reminder that when life is most hectic is when I most need to stick with yoga. Yet, I so rarely do.

The Rest of the Week

I’ve had some quiet evenings with my books this week, which has been lovely. I also spent some time with my planner, getting things back in order after a few weeks of neglecting my regular habits of keeping track of things.

After having some meal planning fatigue, I started looking into some new dinner recipes that Andy and I could try. We often use our cookbooks to plan our dinners for the week, which is great, but also means we tend to eat a lot of the same things. Whenever I stop feeling energized by these options, I like to take a journey to some food blogs to mix it up.

Andy doesn’t eat cheese and prefers a more plant-based diet (as in, he gets a little disgruntled if we have more than one meat meal a week), which means a lot of the recipes in our cookbooks don’t quite work for him. I’m hoping to find a good vegan cookbook or two to add to our collection so that we can expand our library of go-to recipes. We have the Minimalist Baker cookbook, which I love, but like many, it doesn’t only focus on entrees so a lot of the recipes don’t really serve our purposes.

Aside from returning to routine, it’s been a pretty quiet week, and exactly the week I needed. I hope you’ve had a great week, and I’d love to hear what’s brought you joy this week in the comments if you’re willing to share!