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What’s Going On: The Great British Blog Off

Hello, internet friends! Long time no write. As you may have noticed, this blog has been a bit quiet of late.

In truth, I have fallen out of rhythm with the Great British Blog Off project, and have been reflecting on whether and in what form I want to continue the project.

I love baking. I always have. When I set out on the journey, I had a few key hopes for what I would get out of it. I hoped I would find my way to the kitchen more regularly and that I would give myself fodder to start writing more consistently.

Both aims were met as I spent weeks baking cakes and writing blog posts about them. But as I rounded the corner into the Biscuits & Tea Time Treats section of the cookbook, I realized something.

These simple recipes were easy and delightful to bake, but difficult to reflect upon in a blog post. They came together easily without mishaps, and I began to dread the bake because I worried I wouldn’t be able to write anything useful after it.

And so, I found myself finding excuses not to do the bakes. I even did a few bakes that I didn’t ever end up writing about, because they just… did not bring me to anything interesting to say.

And then I felt so badly about not doing a blog recap of the bakes that the bakes stopped altogether.

The writing, however, hasn’t. I have had such a productive, generative year of writing that was sparked off by these weekly Blog Off posts and branched out into re-entering writing about the things I am passionate about.

I don’t need the structure of a weekly baking blog post anymore to bring me to the keyboard. The habit has been rebuilt, and I am so grateful for it.

But I think it’s time to let this project transform. Moving forward, I do plan to continue baking my way through the Great British Bake Off cookbook. But I’m not going to force each bake into a blog post if it isn’t generating one for me.

That means this blog may go on hiatus, but it doesn’t mean the journey will cease. Rather, it will continue on my Instagram, where I do stories during my bake and post the final products. I think, for now, this is enough, though I may recap each section if I feel called to do so.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I invite you to continue it over on my Instagram, @i_write_things.