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The Great British Blog Off: Lemon-Glazed Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins

It always feels a bit strange to get back to the bake after a week off, but here we are! Last weekend, I wanted to cram in as many miles as possible for Potterhead Running Club’s spring Quidditch event, so I decided to hold off on my bake.

Quidditch rages on until noon on Monday, but I tend to wear myself down and need reasons for breaks by the second weekend, so I went forth with the muffins as planned.

I had to remind myself I’ve made peace with lemons, but Andy has been excited for these all week. My main excitement, if I’m honest, was that muffins are generally pretty straightforward and easy to bake.

Did I manage to make a bit of a mess of it anyway? Let’s find out!

This Week’s Recipe: Lemon-Glazed Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins

The Prep

This week’s trip to Fresh Market was extra exciting because not only was I going to get ingredients for this week’s bake, I was also getting snacks to prep for an overnight Getaway stay tomorrow. It will be the first time I’ve traveled solo in nearly two years.

I’m quite excited to spend a night away with just me, my journal, and some books. And the snacks, of course.

But I digress. Not much needed for this bake, since I’ve accumulated quite the repertoire at this point in the challenge.

Andy helpfully located and set out the poppy seeds so I wouldn’t forget we had them and buy more. We may or may not have three separate jars of cinnamon right now, so I suppose his concern was well founded.

The main question on my mind as I browsed the aisles was whether you could get pre-prepared lemon curd. The cookbook supplies a recipe, and I had grabbed the required number of lemons, but I didn’t really want to make it from scratch if I didn’t have to. Lo and behold, there it was, tucked in with the jams.

For some reason, I didn’t put the extra lemons back. Something in me said, eh, we’ll use them.

And so, four lemons, several snacks, and a jar of lemon curd made their way with me to the checkout line.

The Bake

Things went pretty smoothly with this one initially, or so I thought. I busied myself about measuring and prepping ingredients while Azula found herself a nice spot in the sun.

I cheerfully zested and juiced a lemon, sifted together the flour and other dry ingredients, and mixed in the wet.

It was only as I turned around from putting the muffins into the oven that I realized the butter was still on the counter. So, I’d added most of the wet ingredients.

The moment before I turned around and realized these were failure muffins

I did consider trying to scoop the batter back out of the muffin tins and adding in the butter, but the problem is, there’s lemon curd in the center of the muffins that’s only sort of dabbed in. So, it was a bit of a “no take backs” situation.

I opted to let the muffins do what they would and begin on a second batch for the overlooked butter to participate in.

Those extra lemons I neglected to put back were going to earn their place after all.

The first batch, which I dubbed the “failure muffins” was just about ready to come out as I wrapped up the second. I did have to sub in some almond flour because I didn’t quite have enough spelt flour to redo things, but thankfully that was the only substitution needed.

Round two entered the oven and I marveled over how very muffin like the first batch looked in spite of their lack of butter. The batter had seemed a bit thick to me, and the second one certainly felt more like I would expect muffin batter to be, but they really hadn’t come out looking that different.

Regardless, I opted not to glaze the first batch since they undoubtedly wouldn’t taste right, and let them cool as the second batch baked.

The recipe requires that you put together the glaze while the muffins bake, since you must drizzle it on immediately, apparently. So, I did, and I did.

If I make these again, I think I’d wait a bit to put on the glaze. The instructions say to get it to a runny consistency, so I don’t see why the muffins have to be “just out of the oven” hot for the glaze to go on. It mostly dripped into the tin, which created a gross mess when I went to remove the muffins.

Maybe it’s the lemon hater in me, but I didn’t like getting sticky lemon glaze all over my hands when there seemed no rhyme or reason to glazing the muffins in the tin before removing them.

This minor complaint aside, these muffins are utterly delicious! They’ve got the right amount of lemony zest and the curd in the center is an extra shot of flavor. I’ll chalk these up to another success. Even the butterless muffins are pretty good (yes, I did test one to see).

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