Reflections & Intentions

Last Night, I Woke Up To Stare at the Moon

Hi, friends, and happy Monday! I’m popping in with a quick reflection because I did something atypical for me last night–I was awake after 9pm!

Specifically, I set an alarm so I could get up and observe the lunar eclipse. If you didn’t know, the full moon in Scorpio also featured a total lunar eclipse, which reached totality around 12am EST on May 16th. Usually, anything that happens after 9pm or so is a thing I am not going to be awake to experience, but for whatever reason I felt drawn to observing this eclipse.

My initial plan was to sit outside and watch her approach totality, but I had trouble falling asleep, probably in part due to anticipating said alarm. So, I woke up, found the moon, and gazed at the partial eclipse in progress for a brief amount of time.

Even though I didn’t stay up for long, it was pretty amazing to look at the full blood moon with its shadowy blanket of partial eclipse. There’s something about tuning in to the natural happenings in our world and solar system that can be magical and grounding.

Take this as your daily reminder to find a bit of awe where you can. It keeps life interesting.