On the Run

Week 4 Half Marathon Training Recap

Numbers are hard, and I definitely got confused about how many weeks into training I am before I started this post.


  • Today’s Workout: 40 minutes conversational pace
  • Weather: 72 degrees, partly cloudy
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 87
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 9 minutes

How it went: I didn’t realize how much I was feeling frustrated with the way the last week or so has gone until today’s run felt… better. Azula came with me for the beginning, and that’s always a bright spot since she looks so happy while she runs. But after I dropped her off at home, I felt myself click in. It was still a tough run thanks to the weather, but I felt pretty good in spite of the struggle. A full 40 minutes felt great after shortening and adapting so much last week.


  • Today’s Workout: 20 Minutes Kick It, Upper Body
  • Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 21
  • Sleep: 4 hours, 24 minutes

How it went: I did not sleep well, as our dog got sick around 1:30am and then immediately needed outside. She had another round of being sick and needing out a couple of hours later, so in all my sleep was short and disrupted with worry. While I waited for her vet to open so I could call and see if she needed to go get checked out, I decided to go ahead and do my workout even though I was feeling exhausted, because it felt like my stress needed an outlet. I felt ever so slightly more like a human being after the session, so I’m glad I did it.


  • Today’s Workout: Rest Day
  • Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 83
  • Sleep: 5 hours, 57 minutes

How it went: Today would’ve been a run day according to plan, but after sleeping so poorly and being so stressed most of the day yesterday, I decided to move things around so I can take it easy today. I got way better sleep last night than I was anticipating, since Azula slept through the night without incident. She needed out to pee at around 4am and then I couldn’t fall back asleep, but in all, a massive improvement from yesterday. I’m looking forward to taking it easy and hopefully resting up tonight so I can be ready for my speed work tomorrow.


  • Today’s Workout: Speedwork (8×400 meters at 9:28min/mile pace)
  • Weather: 60 degrees, partly cloudy
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 100
  • Sleep: 6 hours, 45 minutes

How it went: Because the weather is a little nicer today, I assumed the speedwork would feel a lot less difficult after so many hot, humid runs. I assumed wrong. This was a brutal bout of speedwork where I couldn’t hit my paces and had to stop and just catch my breath at least twice. I’m proud I powered through, but it was definitely one of the runs that makes me doubt whether I’ll be able to run a half. Never mind that I have run a half before.


  • Today’s Workout: Kick-It 20 Minutes
  • Weather: 55 degrees
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: ??
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 1 minute

How it went: Solid 20 minute kickboxing session!


  • Today’s Workout: Long run 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Weather: 75 degrees, sunny
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 86
  • Sleep: 7 hours, 16 minutes

How it went: First two miles were pretty rough, with my calves feeling tight, but then I clicked in and felt strong for the rest of the run! Andy and Azula joined me for the warmup and cool down, which was nice! I think this was the best long run of training so far.


  • Today’s Workout: Restorative yoga
  • Weather: 63 degrees, cloudy
  • Fitbit Readiness Score: 16
  • Sleep: 5 hours, 49 minutes

How it went: As you can see from my readiness score, I went hard yesterday. So, the goal today is to stretch and rest and recover for the next week of training.

Overall, this was a busy, difficult week outside of running and I am so glad I had training to give me structure and something to focus on. I’m feeling strong and steady, and keep reflecting on how much I’ve learned since my first half marathon training attempt back in 2019.

Week 5, here I come!