Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 9/16/2022

Hello, my friends! With work being so busy, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in with a Feel Good Friday recap of the week. I haven’t forgotten to post them, just realized I didn’t have the time or energy to put in a thoughtful post.

Today, I’m off work with plenty of time to reflect on the week and bake a loaf of sourdough before I go to get my hair done. That purple streak doesn’t stay purple on its own, you know.

So, let’s check in on what brought me joy during the past week!

The Week in Joyful Movement

Half marathon training continues! I’ve also started going to yoga class at the studio the past couple of Sundays, which feels really nice. I love at home yoga, but between the dog and the husband, I don’t get to quite fall into that same meditative state that a quiet, darkened room in the yoga studio can bring me.

She’s a cute yoga buddy

My run this week felt great, given the cooler fall temps in the morning, and I’m looking forward to my long run tomorrow.

Since I finished the Kick-It: Take 20 program, I’m taking a week of just yoga and dog walks as cross training before I decide what my more regular cross training will be. It’s been great to dedicate more time for longer yoga practices in the morning.

The Rest of the Week

Now that fall is approaching and I got a shiny new copy of Tara Jensen’s bread-centric book, Flour Power, I am back on my sourdough game. Even though sourdough can be a little high maintenance, I find it to be a very soothing practice. As I’m writing this, a loaf is proofing on the counter after its overnight rest in the fridge. Soon, it’ll be into the oven.

Last week’s sourdough loaf

I’m in a good routine with pulling my daily Tarot card for a little reflection in the mornings, which is always a nice practice to check in on how I’m doing. I even started a new Tarot Tuesday series here on the blog (you can read the intro post here).

This week, the next season of the Great British Bake Off began, which means my friends and I are starting up our Fantasy Bake Off league for the third time. We’ll draft our bakers, then watch the first episode together this evening, and I’m really looking forward to adding this routine back into my life for the next month or so.

That’s my week in finding joy and self-care where I can. How was your week, and what brought you joy?