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Spotify Wrapped: My Year in Music

If somebody told you I had good taste in music, somebody lied. (Yes, I’m paraphrasing the opening narration from Spider-Man 2002 and no I am not sorry).

I’ve always had a bit of an interesting relationship to music, in that I tend not to enjoy most songs until I know them well enough to sing along. Any appreciation for what makes a song “good” or “bad” is utterly lost on me. I love to sing along to my favorite songs but have been informed by numerous parties that I am tone deaf.

But the music I love? I love it hard. I only really listen to a handful of musical artists, but I will listen to them on repeat to the point that my husband asks me to please play anything else while I’m getting ready in the mornings. Whoops.

Why am I talking about my relatoinship to music today? Well, like many a person posting their Wrapped to Twitter or Instagram, I always enjoy seeing what Spotify can tell me about my listening habits over the course of a year.

Reflecting on my Spotify Wrapped results for the year, I’m reminded of the place music has in my life and just how much joy I can find from belting out my favorite songs in the car. I might not sound good to anyone else, but I am having the best time. So, here’s a little bit of reflection on my Wrapped resulsts for 2022.

Top Genres

Image from Spotify

My husband’s reaction when I showed him this image was just “ugh.” I’m pretty amused that “shanty” as a genre made it onto my Top 5, though I’m not surprised given that 2022 was the year I realized I could listen to music from my favorite Renaissance Festival band, Music the Gathering, on Spotify. And listen I did.

Top Songs

Image from Spotify

As I mentioned, I don’t love a lot of music, but I get really into the music I love. This list pretty much reflects the amount of time I spent belting out these two bands in my car. I have to say, if it wasn’t by virtue of bein one of the earlier releases from the new album, I don’t think “Middle of a Breakfup” would have made the cut. It isn’t one of my top favorites from Viva Las Vengeance.

Listening Personality

Image from Spotify

The addition of the “listening personality” this year has to be my favorite thing about Wrapped 2022. This may actually be the most accurate personality quiz result I’ve ever received, as I am nothing if not obnoxiously devoted to a very small number of musical artists I enjoy. There’s also a Panic! at the Disco song by the title of “LA Devotee,” so that was extra fun for me.

Other Notes & Observations

The most surprising thing about this year is probably the fact that the composor of the Skyrim soundtrack made my list of top artists. I didn’t realie I’d gone quite that hard on listening to it this year, but apparently I needed to make life feel like a quest more frequently than I thought. Given the challenges I’ve had at work and with my health this year, that isn’t really too much of a stretch when I think about it.

Even though I don’t have the coolest or most interesting taste in music, I thoroughly enjoy listening to it. For all its flaws, Spotify has actually caused me to branch out a bit more in my music listening that I did before it existed, since I can now more easily get into new artists without having to go in for an entire album that I’m likely not to enjoy.

If you’re really curious to know, I’m sharing my 2022 Spotify Wrapped Playlist here for your listening entertaiment.

If you have Spotify and are interested, I’d love to hear what surprised or interested you about your year in listening!