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Planner Stickers Are My Self-Care

Apparently, January 13th was National Sticker Day. Or at least, it was according to our campus bookstore, who sent out an email with that headline.

This got me thinking about my planner stickers and how they are a massive source of joy. I use a Passion Planner for day-to-day tasks and appointments and a Writual Planner for my daily tarot pulls. And while I would love to have the artistic talents of some of the bullet journal and planner people I see on Instagram, my art skills are… limited. But I like pretty things and bright colors. At some point a few years ago, I realized there was a solution to my desire for a more aesthetically pleasing planner–stickers.

I found an Etsy shop that creates wonderful functional planner stickers and began using them to pretty up my weekly layouts. Then, I started buying reward stickers for different activities. Go for a run, get a sneaker sticker. Do yoga? Yoga sticker.

With their powers combined, these sticker sets make using my planner more fun and rewarding. Basically, it’s like being back in Kindergarten where they have a sticker-based rewards system (just me?).

One of the joys of my week is sitting down with my planner and mapping out the week, including my functional sticker setups. It’s a soothing practice that doubles as a way of staying relatively organized in my life.

This year, I also decided to add stickers to my Tarot journal routine. Writual sells Tarot stickers specially designed to fit their planners, which you can use to note the card of the day. One of the main reasons I failed at using this planner when I tried back in 2021 was that I didn’t know how to fill the little squares where one might draw a Tarot card, if they had that ability. The stickers make the journal that much more fun to look at, and have the added bonus of making me notice my repeat cards more easily because I have to flip to a new sticker sheet once I’ve already used a particular card.

It may seem small and silly, but I think we have to capture the small silly joys in life sometimes to keep ourselves sane. For me, that means indulging in a little sticker time whenever I pull out my planner.