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Tarot Tuesday 1/17/2023

Welcome (or welcome back) to Tarot Tuesday! As I mentioned last week, the format of these weekly posts is shifting a bit to accomodate the return of my weekly tarot reading & reading recommendation newsletter, Amanda Reads.

On Mondays, the newsletter goes out to subscribers with a mini tarot reading and some reading recommendations. On Tuesdays, I’ll build on the card of the week with journal prompts like I’ve done in the previous iterations of Tarot Tuesday. I’ll also re-share the message of the card for those who may not read the newsletter, so no worries there.

Okay, let’s dig in to this week’s reading!

Tarot Card of the Week: The King of Cups

Message for the Week (From Amanda Reads)

This card is all about taking control of your emotional self and stepping into compassion. The King of Cups suggests that you are in a place where you’re able to weather your challenges with relative grace. Things may not be easy, but you are taking it a step at a time. This is a good time to get clear about your emotional boundaries and the steps you need to take to maintain this period of steadiness.

Journal Prompts for the King of Cups

  1. What are some recent moments where you experienced big or difficult emotions? How did you handle them?
  2. How can you practice compassion this week? With yourself? With others?
  3. What emotional boundaries do you have in place? What boundaries might you need to revisit or add?

Final Thoughts

This isn’t a card I’ve personally seen too often in my readings, which is interesting given my Pisces affinity for the cups in general. I think the start of the year is a great time to revisit our boundaries and consider the changes we need to make for our emotional health, and I see this card as a great invitation to do so.