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Tarot Tuesday 9/27/22: Waking Up to What’s Possible

Welcome to another installment of Tarot Tuesday! Last week, I got a bit off my habit of pulling a daily Tarot card, in part because the cards seem to have just one message for me lately–take a leap, follow your dreams, your student loan bills don’t exist!

Even if the cards only have one thing to say to me lately, I’m excited to be back with another Tarot-inspired reflection prompt for the week ahead. Let’s see what message we’ll be reflecting on together this week.

Tarot Card of the Week: Awakening (XX)

This card is known as “Judgement” in a traditional Rider-Waite style Tarot deck, and is one of the cards that is tweaked a bit for the Starchild Tarot deck I’m using here.

In this deck, Awakening means letting go of self-judgement and self-criticism. It’s about tapping in to your inner knowing and actually trusting that you do know what your next step is. It’s all the noise of expectations and doubt that are getting in the way of embracing what you already know.

Awakening suggests you’re close to a breakthrough, to a new start, to a change or transition. You just have to sink in and let yourself embrace what you already know.

Journal Questions for Awakening

  1. What is the big, scary (but exciting) thing that leaped to your mind when you started reading about this card? How quickly did you brush it aside as unrealistic or impossible?
  2. Take some time to imagine “what if.” What if the thing you know in your heart that you want was possible? What would that look like? How would you get there?
  3. Are there past examples from your life where you knew something, but tried not to let yourself know it? How did that pan out? What can you take from that experience to inform your decision about what to do now?

Final Thoughts & Personal Reflection

The major arcana (for a tarot briefing on what that means, click here) are the Big Energy cards. I see them and I pause a moment longer, like “woah, big stuff happening here.”

Awakening has popped up a lot for me lately, reminding me to listen to what I already know, deep down. But taking a leap of faith takes more than just knowing it’s what you want to do, doesn’t it? It’s hard. It’s scary. Some of the best things in life are.

Take the message of this card, but also give yourself grace. As much as we want to listen to our inner knowing and follow it all the time, we don’t live in a world where that always feel possible. So instead of one big swift change, what might be the small steps we can take towards bringing our lives into alignment with what we know we want them to be?