Wednesday Walk

Wednesday Walk #2 (5/11/22)

Hello! I’m back after my honeymoon hiatus with another Wednesday walk! To recap for those who didn’t catch the first edition, the current healthy habit challenge I’m working on invites us to take a mindful walk every Saturday. I’m trying to take mine during my lunch breaks when I’m sans doggo and able to truly hone in on noticing my surroundings in a way that isn’t trying to anticipate what my dog will try to eat next. And, I’m taking you with me!

Today, the weather was gorgeous and campus is really in full bloom. Everything feels lush, green, and vibrant. It is in many ways my favorite time of year, particularly to walk around campus and remember just how beautiful the place I work really is.

Because the weather was so nice, a lot of other people were out and about while I was taking my walk, so I didn’t quite settle in to a mindful state with all the times I stopped for brief chats with folks. Nevertheless, the birds were chirping and flitting about and I could feel the heat of the sun on my skin, both things I’ve sorely missed during the winter.

Now, for today’s photos from the walk!

First up on the walk is this bright pink floral bush that caught my eye from across campus. It makes a nice contrast to the academic building its set against and made me smile to see it in full bloom.

From there I walked around to my absolute favorite spot on campus, the pond.

Our pond is one of my favorite places to sit and relax on campus. Unfortuantely, the dining tent you can just make out in the corner of this photo has blocked off the view from several angles during the pandemic, but you can still get a great look from this vantage point.

In all, a pretty nice way to spend my lunch break today, and it doesn’t hurt that the miles count towards my online running club’s current virtual race, either. I hope you find some time for self-care today, even if it’s just a quick walk or moment of being outside.