Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 4/29/22

Hello, friends! This will be my last blog post before I get married TOMORROW! In true Amanda fashion I’m channeling the anxious energy into writing.

This week has been very strange. I only worked three days and spent the time getting everything ready for while I’m away. We’re close enough to the wedding that there isn’t too much to do besides double and triple check details.

After so much planning, it feels hard to believe the day is nearly here. But. So it is!

I’ve been taking it easy this week but still getting in some joyful movement, because that is essential to managing stress for me.

The Week in Joyful Movement

I’m continuing right along with Bad Yogi’s Rituals program. The second week is a repeat of the first, which is intentional to underscore the habit formation aspect of the program. I loved 3/4 of the practices last week, so I was excited for all but today’s yoga, Body Buzz, which I struggled to keep up with.

Running wise I’m paring back this week because my body feels very fatigued and needs some extra recovery. I ran a quick mile with Andy and Azula on Tuesday and a quick solo run on Thursday while waiting for my family to get into town.

Saturday I hope to get a quick walk in before I head to the hotel to get ready for my wedding, because I don’t want to break my intentional walk streak of 85 days and counting.

The Rest of the Week

What a week! On Tuesday, I went to pick up my wedding dress from the seamstress doing alterations, and… she had totally forgotten to do them. Dress was still in the bag, full of pins. She assured me she could do it in four hours and I could return to pick it up, but I spent those hours in utter panic mode, convinced she’d ruin my dress rushing it but also afraid to let her hang on to it any longer in case I needed to find a backup seamstress.

When I went back, the dress was workable. She sewed one of the pockets into the bustle, which I had asked her to fix, but of course she forgot since she had forgotten about me entirely. And she did not hem up the lining when she hemmed the dress, so I’ll have to pin that up day of. But, in the end, with so little time before the wedding, she’ll do. One imagines things will go wrong leading up to a wedding but I have to admit I didn’t quite expect that one. Especially not since the place where I bought my dress recommended her so highly!

After that fiasco, I felt like I’d expended my ability to stress about the wedding and have been in an odd state of calm ever since I came back home with my dress. Here’s hoping it lasts me through the rehearsal tonight and the wedding tomorrow!

All there is to do now is clean the house, do my nails, and look eagerly ahead to our honeymoon. I can’t wait to have some rest and relaxation after all this planning.

I’ll see you all when I get back, with plenty of updates from the wedding and honeymoon, I’m sure! Until then, let me know how your week has been? What did you do to take care of yourself?