Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday 5/13/2022

Happy Friday the 13th, friends! This week, I’ve been settling back in to routine now that the wedding & honeymoon are behind us. It’s felt very surreal to use the new name at work and refer to Andy as my “husband,” but otherwise, life feels pretty much normal. But the best kind of normal, with puppy cuddles and sunshine and warmer weather.

The Week In Joyful Movement

After taking a week off during the honeymoon, I’m back on the yoga Rituals train, and it feels good. This week’s practices have been around 30 minutes each, which is just the right length to settle into in the mornings.

While my 5K training plan has ended, I’m keeping Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday as run days until the half-marathon training plan kicks off in late June. Tuesday was a quick mile or so, since I took Azula with me and she was feeling very interested in sniffs.

On Thursday, I ran my typical shortish run route through the neighborhood in a tank top because somehow it is already that hot.

My body definitely feels a bit fatigued and I’m taking it easy as she adjusts back into the yoga, run, work routine.

The Rest of the Week

I’ve been settling back in to work and feeling pretty tired from shifting my brain from semester triage mode to summer project & prep mode. In the evenings, I’ve found my way to bed for some light reading by 8:30 most nights, which is a tad early even for me.

I am also working to stay hydrated, since the warmer days and nights can cause big flare-ups of my chronic pain if I don’t keep ahead of it. Thankfully, making sure to drink some Nuun* before my runs generally helps keep ahead of the dehydration headaches.

During the evenings I’ve also been slowly working towards some spring cleaning of all the clutter that’s accumulated in the house. One of the biggest struggles I have is not really knowing what to do with items I don’t want, but which are still new enough that I feel bad just tossing them into the trash. I’ve got a good pile going of wedding-related items and things from subscription boxes I no longer want, so a summer goal is finding someplace to donate them. Decluttering is self-care, my friends.

This weekend, I’m hoping to relax, read, write, and go for a nice trail run. And, of course, all the other weekly things I do to take care of myself like grocery shopping and meal prepping, etc.

I hope you had a great week and that you found some time to take care of yourself! Until next time, friends!

(*Full disclosure: I am a Nuun hydration ambassador, a relationship I pursued only because I genuinely use & love their products).