Feel Good Fridays

Feel-Good Friday: Weekly Recap 4/22/22

This week, I started a new self-care and fitness challenge, Bad Yogi’s Rituals program, and I’ve really been enjoying it! It has been the extra push I needed to stay off my phone in the mornings and actually enjoy the peace, quiet, and coffee.

The Week In Joyful Movement

Monday’s 40 minute “Superbloom” class from Rituals definitely kicked my butt. I’ve mostly been doing restorative yoga flows lately while focusing on kickboxing and running, which means it’s been a while since I’ve run through sun salutations. I knew Erin would kick my butt and I was 100% right. Even the 20 minute classes left me sweating, which feels great after so many slow flows lately.

The weather hasn’t been the best, so I did Tuesday’s run on the treadmill instead of outside in the snow (yes, snow). Thankfully, I randomly remembered that the soundtrack of High School Musical 2 exists, so I wound up having a pretty fun run in spite of staring at a literal brick wall. Say what you will about HSM, but I can’t think of anything quite as fun as belting out the “Bet On It” in my basement while running at conversational pace.

Wednesdays are walking days in the Rituals plan, so I took myself on a walk around campus over lunch time (it was too cold to enjoy a mindful walk in the morning, in my opinion, though I did go with Andy and Azula on our usual morning jaunt).

Thursday saw a shoulder mobility yoga routine for Rituals, plus the speed work I pushed back from Tuesday. The yoga felt amazing in my uber-tight shoulders, where I, like most humans, carry all of my stress.

By Friday my body is definitely feeling the change in routine, and the 40 minute “Body Buzz” class took it all out of me. It’s nice to feel that I’m using different muscles, and I definitely feel a bit calmer and more cheerful, as I always do when I make it to the mat more regularly.

The Rest of the Week

The first couple of mornings without my phone felt super easy, but by Wednesday I was itching to check my stats or my email or anything in that first hour of being awake. I resisted the temptation and feel like my mood and general mental wellbeing are better for it. Instead, I did my journaling for the Expedition to Soul workbook I’m following and started reading Material Girl, Mystical World, which explains sun, moon, and rising signs in the most straightforward way I’ve seen yet. (I’m a Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Saggitarius rising, if you’re curious).

Movie theater popcorn and a freestyle Cherry Coke Zero are peak self-care

On Tuesday, I took myself to see The Lost City. Solo movie dates are one of my favorite forms of self-care, and the movie theater tucked into the galleria down the street is the perfect place for it. Me, my popcorn, and my Cherry Coke Zero from the freestyle machine had a great time watching Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe do their things for an hour and some change. It was a very sweet, funny, and relatively predictable experience that I overall enjoyed.

I also wrote my wedding vows this week, which was a really nice experience in reflecting on our relationship and remembering that the wedding is ultimately just a celebration of our love.

On Thursday, I moved to the office down the hall at work in preparation for my new boss starting on Monday (he’ll be taking my old office, which has historically belonged to the Assistant Dean, when the post isn’t vacant like it has been for the last year). Even though I’ll miss my window, I enjoyed setting up the new space and the sense of refresh that sitting somewhere new provides.

My little “stressful conversation” corner on my new desk at work

That’s my week in self-care! I hope you had a great week and managed to find some time to take care of yourself. Let me know how it was for you!