Reflections & Intentions

A Writer’s Journal: Tuesday, January 24th 2023

Another cold morning, with snow still on the ground from yesterday. I woke up early to let the dog out, dodging around boxes in the hallway. My husband and I are packing up for our move next month, and it feels very strange to realize that we’ll be living in a log cabin with a mountain view.

For now, though, the same old couch in the same old house where we’ve lived together for nearly three years. Our dog, Azula, is using my calf as a pillow as I write this. Already, the discipline of writing at my desk upstairs gives way to my preference for a soft couch and puppy cuddles.

Morning reading with Azula

So far this morning, I’ve had my coffee and breakfast, done yoga, and settled in. I posted a pre-written blog post to the book blog and put some final polish on a Medium article I started yesterday, about scam witch accounts on Instagram.

Soon, I’ll take a break from the screen to give Azula her morning walk. I dread the winter ones, particularly when I’ve spent the morning listening to the wind whip the trees out front. But you don’t get to be a Heeler mom without taking two walks a day, so I’ll suit up and we’ll go.

It still feels surreal, waking up in the morning and not getting ready to hop in the car for a commute. Initially, I planned to pretty much take this first week off entirely, but I can’t help but poke around a bit and start getting ready to dive in to freelancing in earnest next week.