Reflections & Intentions

A Writer’s Journal: Monday, January 30th

It’s another dreary day here in Pittsburgh, with fog and light rain. Thankfully it wasn’t raining this morning, so we were able to take Azula for her morning walk.

We had a busy weekend, with plans on both Saturday and Sunday that got us out of the house. On Saturday, we did an escape room with some friends. It was my first time going to one, and I had assumed I would get overwhelmed and stressed. But actually, I had a lot of fun floating between the groups and making suggestions as they worked on puzzles.

Sunday, we had tickets to see the symphony, a Christmas gift from the in-laws. It was a showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where they played the film without the soundtrack, and the symphony played the soundtrack live. It was a really cool experience, and we’ve already got plans to go see another show like this one. Having the soundtrack played by a live orchestra really makes you focus on and notice how the music impacts the mood of the film.

Today, I’ll be settling in for my second week of writing from home. I got my weekly newsletter out this morning and will be doing some reading of other blogs and writers. Then, more perusal of job boards and work on the memoir.